Bath Soak

Handcrafted by women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction.

Infused with essential oils, our bath salt soaks provide both aromatherapy and physical relief. From stress release, to muscle soreness, our salts transforms your bath into a meditative experience. 

As you relax in the tub, breathe in the soothing, therapeutic aroma generated from our unique blends of salts, essential oils, and natural ingredients. 

Eucalyptus Mint
Minty and uplifting, this scent refreshes, reinvigorates, and re-energizes your hands and spirit

With a soft, herbaceous and floral aroma, Lavender is best known for its ability to refresh and reduce stress

Grapefruit Jasmine

Zesty and refreshing, grapefruit balanced with the exotic musk of jasmine

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