Our Philosophy


Latitudes Fair is a fair trade store specializing in hand-made, artisanal goods from around the world. Our goal is to foster positive economic relationships between American consumers and marginalized artisans from developing nations. The connections made by Latitudes Fair Trade Store, however, are not just monetary. They also interweave our stories with the stories of industrious artisans abroad. We believe in social justice and enjoy bringing fair trade fashion and sweat-shop free merchandise to our local community.



Many people know we are fair trade, but did you know that Latitudes is also an eco-friendly store? Most of our items are sourced from small-batch producers, where they are crafted in natural, low-impact settings such as homes, small community workspaces, or even tents. With significantly less wasteful packaging and production pollution, our goods have drastically less negative environmental impact than products produced in large factories. Our unique products are also frequently made from repurposed or upcycled items – jewelry created from found telephone wires, wallets from old tires, mirrors from urban metal washers!



Money is one of the most powerful forms of influence, especially when it comes to impacting the global economy, basic human rights and the environment. By using it thoughtfully we can have great positive impact on the lives of others around the world. Latitudes Fair Trade Store encourages you to "shop for good" and learn about ways you can use your money with integrity. By participating in ethical shopping, you make a connection with the stories of others worldwide. Latitudes only partners with artisan groups or wholesale vendors who are wholeheartedly devoted to the principles of socially-responsible trade.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading some of these individuals’ compelling stories. As you learn about fair trade, we hope that you will be inspired and feel connected with others who desire a more equitable way of trade.



We are a small, family owned, community-based business. Our Warrenton and Fredericksburg, Virginia stores are part of vibrant old town historic districts. Latitudes' Warrenton store, in the heart of Virginia Wine Country, is part of the Shops at Fifth and Main, which helps to preserve the historic Main Street district. Our store in downtown Fredericksburg, with so much to offer lovers of art, history, and great food, has an active Main Street program which has had great success due to a creative and involved business community. We are also committed to empowering communities abroad. Please read our story to find out how we became interested in the mission of fair trade.



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