East Africa Coffee

Roast Profile: Dark 

Tasting Notes: Big, balanced, spicy 

Taste Description: Toasted pecan impressions, dried fruit and dark chocolate mouthfeel, sweet vanilla and black pepper on finish.  

Enigmatic. Three magical coffees from the Great Rift Valley are working together in this blend to deliver one of the most unique cups you’ll find, all at once balanced, spicy, fruity, chocolatey, and oh so big. It’s a coffee that is fantastic in a drip brew, but a knock-out in a French Press. Powerful enough to work on its own, but pairs well with cream and/or sugar if that’s your thing. You’ve found real coffee here. 

Blend OriginsTanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Why is there a bike on the package?  

No matter what country you’re in in East Africa, bicycles are a staple. In big cities or remote countryside the bicycles in Africa put Amsterdam to shame. African bicycles transport anything and everything, including fresh milk to be pasteurized and you know it - coffee! 

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