Two-tone Cool Capiz Chime

This is ZenZen's new Two-tone Cool Capiz Chime! This chime sparkles in the light, and when placed outside, creates a gentle tinkling of the shells.

Their capiz supply comes from a fishing village in Java, where their shell artisans sustainably harvest the shells and shape them. All parts of the capiz (jingle oyster) are used; the meat is used for food, the main part of the shell for handicraft, and the shell waste for fertilizer. Only full-grown shells are picked from the kelp beds, where they grow, which provides more space and food source for the young ones to grow. All of the Capiz chimes are made with care in their fair trade, in-house workshop in Bali.

  • Made in Indonesia
  • Weight: 2.9 oz (81.6 g)

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