Sponsoring an Eye Clinic in India

What do colorful gift bags have to do with vision care for artisans in India? Well, when you choose a free colorful upcycled sari gift pouch with your purchase, you can elect to make a donation to contribute to a fund that provides vision care to artisans in rural India.

We are partnering with Matr Boomie and their non-profit arm in India, SETU, to sponsor a free Health & Eye Check-up Camp. Good eyesight is especially key for artisans to be able to continue working and making a living. Due to lack of awareness, education and many times-funds, most artisans are forced to neglect their health and keep health issues at the last priority.

This camp will provide the following services for artisans and their family members:

• Free preventative health check-ups to detect general illness and risk factors.
• Free distribution of medicines.
• Free eye check-up.
• Advice, medication & exercises to improve poor vision.
• Free of cost distribution of spectacles for vision correction to the needy.
• Awareness regarding precautions while doing their jobs, if needed.
• Information on maintenance of general health & hygiene, prevention & cure of common diseases.

Each camp is budgeted as funds are raised. Our goal is to raise enough to fully fund one camp, which will serve 200-500 people. We are excited to see how quickly we can sponsor one of these eye camps, and appreciate your support!

Image courtesy of Matr Boomie