The Eye Clinic is a success!

Eye Clinic

On March 11-13 of this year, many jewelry artisans and their families benefited from a free eye clinic in New Delhi. This clinic was sponsored by Latitudes Fair Trade stores with funds raised from our generous customers and administered in partnership with fair trade wholesale partner Matr Boomie's non-profit organization, SETU.

These artisans create most of the jewelry pieces for Matr Boomie. The community consists mainly of families who have been practicing this craft for generations. Many artisans are either unaware about the importance of regular health care, or proper eye care is not accessible. As jewelry making requires attention to minute details, regular eye check-ups and proper eye care is essential for maintaining healthy eyes and a sustainable income. 

Health check-upSETU's preparations for the eye check up camp involved liaison and sending notification to health and CMO departments, making and distributing pamphlets and banners, door to door mobilization, informing and motivating various artisans and their families about the camp and its benefits, consulting and hiring doctors and their support staff, hiring opticians for preparing the eyeglasses, and purchasing optical frames and medicines.

Eye ClinicA team of expert ophthalmologists were appointed for the camp. Eye specialists carried out routine eye checkups for the artisans. Participants were given a chance to select the eyeglass frames of their choice and they were quite happy with this, especially the women, who participated in the camp quite enthusiastically!

With a great positive response from the artisans on the first day of the clinic, word spread throughout the community and there was an overwhelming rush in the second and third days of the camp. The camps stretched non-stop till 9:30 pm in the evening!

Terry and Lee with Mr. NasimAbout 238 artisans and their families received free eye exams, medicine, and general health check-ups and consultations. 214 received free eyeglasses. The artisans were most appreciative of the clinic, and to the customers of Latitudes that made it possible. Thank you!